Heather Mendel

Artist, author, mystic and speaker, Heather Mendel was born and educated in South Africa. After studying in Italy and the United States, she graduated as a speech and hearing therapist. She has taught calligraphic arts and women’s spirituality in this country and abroad. An ongoing student of universal spiritual teachings, she combines her love of the written letter with inspirational wording in her commissions, both corporate and personal from her calligraphic studios in California and Upstate New York. She enhances her original designs with intricate, illuminated and painted borders that compliment her calligraphy.

Her newest book and card deck, bring together Kabbalah and Tarot in a completely original manner. The book is entitled, The Syzygy Oracle: Transformative Tarot and The Tree of Life along with a 32 card deck of elegant and powerful images. Heather offers a welcome to the intuitive, Sacred/Divine Feminine into everyday awareness.

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