“I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by Jeff Ferrannini. He began his pre-interview with a prayer that opened both of us up to a heart space. In this way we transcended ordinary consciousness. Jeff has a deep understanding of life and the world of spirit himself so the interview went beyond being a superficial conversation to perhaps provide true wisdom for the listener. Jeff Ferrannini really does a great job.”

Sandra Ingerman

Licensed therapist, shamanic practitioner, author of “How to Thrive in Changing Times” and “Awakening to the Spirit World” (co-authored with Hank Wesselman)


“I appreciate you chosing passages from my book to read that reflected your sincere interest, and a no-nonsense, no-hype way of interviewing that draws attention to the true substance of what I have to say. It’s clear to me you believe in what you do and use your radio forum to help your guests stretch their ideas.”

Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer and Author of Cosmic Weather Report: Guidance for Radically Changing Times


“You know that Jeff’s interview style is different from the moment he begins to speak. He’s already become familiar with you before the interview begins. He’s read your book and watched your videos on YouTube – and he asks real questions that real people would ask… In short, Jeff Ferrannini cares. And whether you’re a guest on his show, or a member of his listening audience, his caring shows. And it translates into a truly compelling interview.”

Dr. Eric Pearl

Author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself

“I vastly enjoyed our interview. You are a consummate radio host, who knows how to build the mood and the energy for an extraordinary conversation. I love the way you pitch your questions at unusual angles, ensuring that what comes back at you is fresh and spontaneous. Your generosity of spirit and your passion for growing consciousness are always shining through.”

Robert Moss

Author of “Conscious Dreaming” and “The Secret History of Dreaming” and columnist for “Spirituality & Health” magazine


“Appearing as a guest in Planetary Spirit was a great experience. Jeff Ferrannini is a very skilled interviewer who was enthusiastic, well informed, and perceptive. It was clear that he had not only read, but also studied, my book and so was able to pose insightful and evocative questions. His pacing and direction allowed for ample time to elaborate and to provide context for my answers. He knows how to treat his guests with respect and cordiality, making me feel very much at home. It was a joy to be with him.”

Paul Rademacher

Executive Director of the Monroe Institute in Virginia, author of “A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe


“When Jeff, the radio host, says, ‘My job is to bring you important work into the world,’ I brighten, relax, smile and put my heart in and enjoy our conversation. Not only has Jeff read the book we are discussing, but he makes it come alive for the listener by reading passages, probing deeper, seeking new insight. His intelligent questions guide our conversations in a comfortable flow; and his warmth invites stories which draw listeners to similarities in their own lives. Thanks Jeff for a memorable experience.”

Caron B. Goode, Ed. D

Author, “Raising Intuitive Children” (co-authored with Tara Paterson) 


“Planetary Spirit is an unusual spirituality radio interview program offering an invaluable contribution to all seekers in our troubled times. Jeff Ferrannini opens with prayer and conducts his interviews with a reverence that is not only rare in radio hosting but something that should be imitated by others.”

Russill Paul

Chant leader, musician, college professor and author, “Jesus in the Lotus” and “The Yoga of Sound”


“Thank you Jeff for the beautiful interview and for your amazing and insightful questions. It was easy to talk to you and do the interview, because you created the space for spirit to move easily into at the beginning and we both allowed spirit to work there.”

Cyndie LePori

Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive & Dolphin Energy practitioner

“It is a truly wonderful experience being interviewed by Jeff, as not only are his questions provocative and insightful, but they are asked in a manner that made me feel at ease.”

Dominic Mogavero

Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner & Personal Development Coach


“Jeff is every guest’s and author’s dream host. And his show offers listener’s a heavenly respite from a sometimes seemingly gray and gloomy world of disease, disaster, and destruction. Thank you for this glorious gift of a show and for gleaming gems of wisdom and insight! Thank you for helping us all make the ineffable, effable.”

Robert Mack

Resident Life Coach at the Miami Life Center and author, “Happiness from the Inside Out”


“Being a guest on Planetary Spirit truly was a relaxing and peaceful experience. I felt more like I was having a conversation with an enlightened friend rather than an interview…truly not an exaggeration.”

Heidi Hollis

Author, “Picture Prayers”

“Thank you for the invitation to speak on your Planetary Spirit program. I was delighted to have the opportunity to share with you and your listeners some of my experiences and work. I found you to be a gracious, knowledgeable, and supportive host, willingly opening the door to explore the nature of sound and consciousness, and the earth energies, perhaps beyond the normal understanding of it.”

Zacciah Blackburn

Director, The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, Ascutney, VT

“Our dialogue on Planetary Spirit was a complete joy. I felt that you had gone beyond the call of duty in preparation for the interview. This was obvious by the quality, depth, and connection between the topics you brought up from The Uncommon Path. It was indeed a pleasure to be your guest.”

Mick Quinn

Author, “The Uncommon Path”


“Jeff Ferrannini is a wonderful host and interviewer. He asks insightful and thoughtful questions that show he has read and taken a deep interest in the book a guest has written and in the subject matter. I highly recommend accepting the pleasure of a request to be interviewed by Jeff on Planetary Spirit.”

Linda Anderson

Co-author, “Angel Animals Book of Inspiration” and the “Angel Animals” series for dogs, cats and horses

“It is no accident Jeff Ferrannini’s radio show is called Planetary Spirit. After an hour with him, I now see that Jeff is a planetary spirit! The conversation was well, just that, a delightful conversation with a loving, wise friend. Jeff’s show lifts the planet and all of us on it a wee bit higher with each successive conversation.”

Janet Conner

Author, “Writing Down Your Soul”
“Jeff is the rare interviewer who truly listens. He’s in the moment and not looking to jump ahead to his next point. It was also delightful (and flattering) that he had obviously read my book! It would be an honor and a pleasure to do this show again.”

Victoria Moran

New York Times Bestselling author, “Living a Charmed Life”, “Creating a Charmed Life”, motivational & inspirational speaker

“Jeff Ferrannini is the kind of interviewer one usually only dreams of. He was incredibly clear, deep, thoughtful and sensitive to the issues and nuances of the subjects we discussed. I felt nurtured and encouraged throughout the conversation—and it was truly a conversation rather then the usual invasive probing that passes for interviews elsewhere. No one else can cover 4 books in one hour and do it justice like Jeff can and leave both guest and audience relaxed and filled.”

Penny Kelly, N.D.

Researcher into Consciousness and author, “Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 1”,  “The Elves of Lily Hill Farm”, “Robes”, “From Soil to Stomach” 

“Jeff Ferrannini is one of the best interviewers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Insightful, heartful and always at the top of his game. Jeff does a wonderful service for the world.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D

New York Times Bestselling Author, “It’s Not the End of the World”, “Your Soul’s Compass” (co-authored with Gordon Dveirin, Ed. D.) and “Minding the Body, Mending the Mind”


“As a writer I have been interviewed many times. In my experience, the quality, and success of the interview is highly dependant upon the skills of the person interviewing. I found Jeff Ferrannini to be an excellent radio host. His pre-interview preparation was thorough, his questions were clear, the content of the questions was relevant and carefully chosen and his knowledge of my book was comprehensive. I was very impressed.”

Hilary H. Carter

Author, “The 11:11 Code” 

“Jeff is the most amazing interviewer I’ve ever encountered: he is completely present, informed, and prepared. And he also allows Spirit to guide in a way that enables the light of love to emerge. Jeff’s guests feel held and respected and are genuinely guided to reveal their deepest gifts and offerings. To share a radio show with Jeff is a great honor and the recordings themselves are spiritual treasures. He brings a great offering to the cosmic consciousness through ‘Planetary Spirit.”

Jane Smith Bernhardt

Author, “We Are Here” 


“Thanks so much for the chance to be on Planetary Spirit. It was a great experience and you made me feel very comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised that you were so familiar with my book and asked questions accordingly. After listening to your opening prayer I felt there was little to add. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and again, thank you.”

Dr. Paul Greenbaum

Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and author, “Dobie, the Canine Saint”

“Jeff Ferrannini is a truly gifted interviewer. Jeff asked questions that gave me the optimum opportunity to share with his audience the important message of how to live a better life through true forgiveness. It is clear that Jeff comes from his heart in order to be of benefit to others.”

Linda Jean McNabb

Author, “One Again”, & Motivational Speaker

“Working with Jeff was an honor, pleasure, & a deeply moving experience. His spirit & insight opened up an important conversation in me & allowed me to share it with his audience & the world.”

Rabbi Dr. Baruch HaLevi

Congregation Shirat Hayam of the North Shore

“I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent sharing the ‘spiritual journey’ with Jeff on ‘Planetary Spirit’. It was refreshing to be with a host who had thought about my work and asked informed questions about important points about Mary Magdalene’s life and legacy. Thank you Jeff, for giving me this wonderful opportunity to awaken interest in this other Mary –‘The Bride and Beloved of Jesus.”

Margaret Starbird

Author, “The Women with the Alabaster Jar”, “The Goddess in the Gospels”, and “14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine” (co-authored with Joan Norton)

“Thank you Jeff for having me on Planetary Spirit. Your thoughtful questions and spiritual approach were very much appreciated. I particularly enjoyed the breadth and depth of your questions allowing us to explore not only my music, but my writing, poetry and healing work as well. I also appreciated you really creating an inviting and relaxing space in which to share. I felt deeply listened to and appreciated. That alone is a gift. I wish you and Planetary Spirit a wonderful and joy filled 2010 and beyond!”

Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria

Clinical psychologist, author, “Horns and Halos”, “Ever Flowing On”, composed & performed all the music on “Ocean” and “Siyotanka”, a Grammy nominated CD.

“I was very pleased to be on your show. You captured and highlighted the central theme of my book validating my years of exploration. You touched the core issues to resonate with global youth for an understanding of world religions. I admire your open interfaith dialogue to promote spirituality and global harmony.”

Dr. Ajit Randhawa

Science professor, author, “Evolution of Faith and Religion

“To be interviewed about one’s book by Jeff Ferrannini of Planetary Spirit radio is a pleasant and rewarding experience. Not only does he ask penetrating questions but you know he ahs read the book thoroughly and asked himself what would the author be pleased to talk about and how best can I bring that out of him or her. I felt honored as an author and listened to. I ended the interview feeling confident that the listener to Planetary Spirit radio might well be inspired enough to buy “Radical Forgiveness”, which was obviously, from my point of view, the object of the exercise.”

Colin Tipping

Author, “Radical Forgiveness”

“I enjoyed doing the interview. I was pleased to find how thoughtful and well informed about the book you were. The conversation was very stimulating and engaging, and gave me some new insights on some of my own ideas.”

Richard Smoley

One of the world’s leading authorities on mystical philosophy, author, “The Dice Game of Shiva”

“Thank you for the wonderful interview. You are genuine, talented, intuitive, very easy to open up to and surely connected with the Source. Your questions inspired me to talk about my book in great detail. I am so grateful to have been on your show.”

Marie Levit

Author, “Healing God”


“It was a pleasure to speak with Jeff Ferrannini as his guest on Planetary Spirit. His depth of insight into the magical and mysterious realm of spirit and the multidimensional nature of our world brought forth questions of great magnitude. These were questions that assisted me in going deep into the heart of my experience and bringing forth jewels from my knowledge of artistic and spiritual traditions from around the world. I have done many interviews over the years and this was definitely one of my favorites.”

Sharron Rose

President of Sacred Mysteries Production, Writer/Director – Filmmaker, “2012 The Odyssey”, “Timewave 2013”, choreographer/composer, author, teacher, and performer

“Planetary Spirit with Jeff Ferrannini is a show that goes beyond the normal concept of spiritual talk radio. Jeff doesn’t just know his subject matter he immerses himself in it, retaining details that are evident in his interviews. His attention to details helps the listener better understand the heart of the story and makes listening to Jeff’s show a very rewarding experience.”

Randy Rogers

President & CEO of Telefilm, Inc., author, The Key of Life”

“Jeff Ferrannini is doing great work in the world. His interviews get to the essence, the heart, of what is important in life. He doesn’t mess around with superficial things; he takes you immediately to the speaker’s greatest contribution to the world, and makes that message clear to his listeners. This is visionary radio – not just entertainment, but a path to enlightenment and making the world a better place in the process.”

Marc Allen

Publisher, New World Library & author “Visionary Business”

“Jeff is an enormous spiritual representative. I found Jeff and Planetary Spirit to be wise, intuitive, insightful, and deeply spiritual in every dimension. This is true spiritual nourishment”


Author of “Glad No Matter What”
“Jeff Ferrannini’s radio show Planetary Spirit is an important crossroad where members of the transformational community can gather and share wisdom and experience. Such trail-crossings create islands of light in our darkened world, assisting us all in acquiring clarity and power as we ascend toward the luminous horizon of our personal and collective destiny.”

Hank Wesselman PhD.

Anthropologist and author of eight books on shamanism including “The Spiritwalker Trilogy”, “Awakening to the Spirit World” (with Sandra Ingerman) and “The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman.”

“The ideal interviewer, in my imagination, has a particular mix of qualities: the ability to reflect on the material being discussed with depth and sensitivity; the patience to move beyond sound bites into real discovery and exchange; the knack for framing questions that open doorways for the audience; the warmth of friendship, which brings out the best in any conversation; and finally, a willingness to challenge me to clarify ideas that seem contradictory or impractical. Jeff Ferrannini has all these qualities in spades, and it was a joy to spend an hour in his company, sharing heartfelt truths.”

Philip Shepherd

Author, “New Self, New World – Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century”

“Thank-you very much Jeff for such a great interview. I felt very blessed to have such a conscious platform from which to speak. I deeply appreciate the depth of the questions you asked and the sincerity I felt in your quest to help people connect with their Divine Selves.”

Snatam Kaur Khalsa

New Age Chant Musician/Peace Ambassador
“Being a guest  on Planetary Spirit with host Jeff Ferrannini was a  true pleasure. Jeff had not only read our book, The Golden Motorcycle Gang, but captured the essence of why Jack Canfield and I had written  this novel of transformation. It is clear that Jeff is a member of the Golden Motorcycle Gang and that his radio show is dedicated to helping people realize their higher destiny and purpose. Jack and I are grateful to Jeff for inviting us on his show and know that Planetary Spirit will continue to make an important contribution towards informing listeners of opportunities they have to improve their lives and those of others.”

William Gladstone and Jack Canfield

Co–authors of “The Golden Motorcycle Gang”
“Jeff just seems to do everything with such ease and delight. From our first contact, I could feel his open heart and connection to spirit. He embodies a childlike playfulness and the wisdom of the ancestors effortlessly, and his gifts make him both compelling to listen to, and to work with. I truly appreciate the time and energy he so clearly put into preparing for our interview. He brought up things that even I had forgot about! We had so much fun! Jeff’s authenticity and integrity put him into a league with the world’s greatest spiritual guides.”

Tamara Gerlach

Priestess, coach, and author of “Cultivating Radiance”


“Jeff’s Planetary Spirit program was an experience I have seldom had with interviewers. He provided a beautiful understanding of my own work in an inspiring and charismatic way. I feel an interview is only as powerful as the interviewer who inspires it and Jeff provides magnificent inspiration.”

Lynn Andrews

Author of “Coming Full Circle” and “The Medicine Woman” series
“Jeff’s program is a spiritual gift to us all. He offers a wealth of wisdom in his interviews and encourages listeners to learn about healing in words coming through his heart. He has a natural gift as an interviewer and poet. You will find his program a true gem.”

Stephen & Ondrea Levine

Healing/Forgiveness/Grief workshop facilitators, authors of “Who Dies?”, “Embracing the Beloved”, “A Year to Live”, and “The Healing I Took Birth For”

“What a wonderful experience to be a guest on Planetary Spirit. Your opening question showed you took the time to read my entire book all the way to the glossary, rare, and much appreciated. Your deeply insightful questions reflected a commitment to sharing new information with your listeners, also your open heart and mind. It was clear you were interested in our conversation. Boston is lucky to have you on the airwaves. I count myself blessed to have been a guest on your show.”

Lynn McGonagill

Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method. Author of “The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be”

“Being with Jeff Ferannini is as delightful as dipping into a cool stream on a hot day.  I’m deeply grateful for his deep listening and insightful questions. Unlike many media hosts who just touch lightly into the work of their guests, Jeff does his research and comes up with sincere questions from his heart.  I truly appreciate being on the air with such a skillful and imaginative host.  Thank you for the opportunity.”

Justine Willis Toms

Co-founder, Executive Director & Host of New Dimensions Radio. Author of “Small Pleasures: Finding Grace in a Chaotic World
“Jeff is a master of the spoken word, who powerfully takes one down the path of inquiry and discovery during his interviews. He has the gift of synthesizing new and often complex concepts, which then allows for his appreciative audience to have brilliant clarity of understanding.”

Nina Brown

Author of “S.T.A.R. A Now State of Being – Know Thyself as Divine”


“Jeff’s remarkable radio program, Planetary Spirit, is truly aligned in sacred purpose with my soul’s destiny in being of service to the Great Work. He is the rare radio host who embraces both the inner and outer teachings of my shamanic lineage which also honors the personal search of his listening community. I remain fully open to the opportunity to serve this good brother’s radio ministry, yet again.”

don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Co-author of “Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life”