Re-envisioning Work

Now that we have all the time in the world to stay hunkered down in our bunkers or is that homes, we have time to think to consider new ways of perceiving our world. It might even occur to some that the way we have been stuck in our daily grooves is not what we really want to be doing with our limited time on this planet. Maybe it is time to consider this as the perfect time for course corrections. Of course before going out and blowing things up that have been sustaining us, it might be best to first reflect on what our gifts are, what we are good at naturally and also what are the things we most enjoy doing? I have heard it said, when you do work you love, you never work a day in your life. You are simply doing what pleases you and getting paid to do it. How sweet would that be as a way of earning a living?

Now I’d like to add another ingredient or two into this newly forming recipe. If we are talking about reinventing yourself, why not throw in some guidelines like, I’d like to do something that uses my gifts and in turn helps to heal our planet, as in working for a company that takes seriously their stewardship of this planet. How about a company that gives back to the community they are located within, through service or product donation or gives cash incentives for their workers to volunteer in the area. How about gives me the option to work from home on occasion, maybe a four day work week, or flex time, where I make up how I put in my forty hours each week? Now let’s get crazy and vision for a company which holds the earth as a sacred place, respects the natural resources of air, water, earth, fire/electricity and is more focused on utilizing renewable energy sources rather then fossil fuels.

Think how much more enjoyable it would be get up each day and go to work in your pajamas working in front of your laptop without having to commute? If that is not possible, how about working for a company who’s mission is wholeheartedly in alignment with your values and you enjoy contributing to on a daily basis. Now if we get even more broad in our focus, how about working a job that employs your innate gifts, gives you a workshop with the very best tools to make use of your skills, and feels like joy to be working there each and every day. Can you even imagine that?

Now I’m sure you are asking yourself, well that is all well and good, but how do I make this pipe dream into a concrete reality? What steps would I need to take? Well like any change that takes place in our lives, it all begins with one very basic tenant, which is nicely illustrated in a quote by Robert Browning. “A man’s reach must exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”. We must be willing to see ourselves projected someplace far greater then where we find ourselves at the present moment. We must have the ability to dream, but dreams without actions are nothing but fantasy and like a puff of smoke are easily vanished and wiped away.

What makes a dream become a reality is determined by how much fire, how much passionate energy we bring to our focus of the goal at hand. The fuel for creation is brought to life by the person who consistently maintains his/her focus on their dream, in fair weather or foul. Not only that, but holds in their heart the knowledge that they are not alone in their desire. In fact truly believes that they live in a friendly Universe supporting their dream coming to fruition through small and unexpected opportunities that will cross their path along the way. Now the work begins by asking yourself, “What small step can I take to get one step closer to my goal, this very day?”

So once you have determined your goal, created a step by step plan of action for how to get there, there is one more vital part to the plan. I believe we are never alone in whatever course of action we set our sights on. In addition, I believe the most important part of succeeding in our desire requires a humble heart. Before we go off in conquest, it is essential to surrender our dream, our desire to be an offering, to bring about the highest and greatest good for all concerned. That is by succeeding I am being of of service to humanity and because this is clearly in alignment with our goal, I humbly ask the support of the Universe to guide me in my quest for what I desire. I ask that the right and perfect people, events, experiences, and opportunities come forth to support me in my dream becoming a solid part of my material reality. Once done, I thank the powers that be for supporting my vision into becoming reality and that through this work, Thy will is done. Thy can be an overarching term to mean God/Goddess/All that is, or as the director of the original Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas would say, “May the Force be with you.

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