On the Eve of Something Great

No matter your beliefs, religious, political, and otherwise, I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a game changer on countless levels for society and the world. Nothing shook up the status quo like the Covid-19 pandemic. Although a lot of hardship has been faced and continues to ravage our world, there is also a lot of darkness coming up to be healed, specifically due to the pandemic’s bringing to light, the inequality of those infected in the wake of the virus’s devastation. I believe, this darkness, long denied or overlooked, has come to the attention of the world, in order to bring new awareness to our being in the world.

Nowadays, so much has been turned upside down, that the term “normal”, doesn’t seem to exist anymore. What we are more familiar with is the emerging term, “the new normal”, which I believe opens us to greater possibilities of hope than ever before. Normal was people of color being stopped for no reason, maybe being beaten, and if they resisted arrest, harmed or even killed. Normal was poor people being given a less and lesser share of the pie and having to learn how to get by with next to nothing. Normal was not working for the many, but for a select few, was working well, unfortunately, just not for the majority of the people.

With a large number of people being people of color, (African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Undocumented workers, etc) essential front line workers who live in the communities being hit hardest by the pandemic, Public Health officials have begun to to see new and disturbing patterns emerging. The disadvantaged, by economic standards, are more likely to fall victim to the virus for a myriad of reasons. Reasons that are so glaringly pointing to inequality, that they have emerged as a fresh black and blue on otherwise clear, healthy flesh. Perhaps, the tide is turning and change is in the air.

Change is also filtering into politics, setting the table for something new and delicious to be served up and perhaps ready to come forth, at long last. New beginnings, the New Deal, the emergence of a governing body, actually in power to serve/support the needs of all of the people and poised to make policy for those most in need. Now that is revolutionary. Take a look @ what political slogan Joe Biden & Kamala Harris ran with, the banner they used to announce, change was on the way. They said this election is  a “Battle for the Soul of the Nation”.

Now for a politician, to pay attention to the spiritual aspect of what they believe their political fight is about, is sort of breath taking. It seems to engender a sense of hope in something greater, then what we are used to seeing in the political discourse. It points to the gravity with which the President-elect and Vice President-elect regarded the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election. It also suggests to me, something even greater, something that I believe is long overdue in acknowledging and is echoed in the immortal words of Pierre Tellihard de Chardin, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Today we cling to narrowly viewing the world, only through what our five senses tell us reality consists of, and yet there are venerable ancient writings, over many centuries and in countries all around the world, which point to a vast treasure trove of knowledge that remains to be discovered, yet we turn a blind eye to its very existence. Why, you might well ask? Because these writings fall outside the established understanding of how the world as we know it operates. It is outside the norm, outside of the guardrails for what we have collectively chosen to be hemmed in by, which currently constitutes our agreement for what is considered reality.

Yet these writings, protected over the centuries in many different countries around the world, have all been preserved in hopes that someday we will be wise enough to expand our curiosity to find the courage to take off our blinders and see the world fully by taking into account the unseen, invisible world of spiritual energies. Acknowledging this existence,  opens the door to a whole new view of  reality. A reality which has long lived in whispers over the centuries. Perhaps now, in the midst of this chaotic upheaval and daily tumult, there is yet another powerful reason to begin to hope, we are ready to embrace our power .

Maybe now the world is readying for something new, something that does not fit into the old way of seeing the world? Are we truly ready for the next step in our evolution? Ready to grasp the opportunity which has been there all along but just needed us to open our eyes fully to see, really see, what has been hiding in plain sight? Ready to embrace fully who we are, who we came here to be? To embody the unlimited power, the true meaning of what it means to be a realized human being by simply standing in our power, not by doing, but simply by being. Having full and complete understanding that we are all capable of everyday, ordinary, miracles. That is why each and every life is sacred… in the very largest and most majestic sense of the word.

These are ideas are at the very heart of the teachings brought forth by all the wise leaders which came before…. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Abraham, Lao Tzu, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Quan Yin, etc, all taught us by their example to follow. That we are each one of us much more powerful than words can convey. Einstein said it in his theory of relativity. If you take matter and could speed it up to the highest vibration of pure energy, it becomes… pure energy. If you conversely, take pure energy and slow it’s vibration down to material form, it becomes, common matter. We are each one of us composed of pure energy, we are simply not vibrating at a high enough vibration to release this form, made of matter, in order to become what at essence, we are… purest energy of consciousness. This highest vibration is what we commonly refer to as the highest form of connection we know, the vibration of Love.

If we spent more time on acts of kindness and helping one another, that we spend on war and arguments, we would have plenty of energy to share with one another. We each have spiritual gifts.  Some of us use these gifts in the service of others. Some use their gifts to enrich themselves. Imagine how much richer our world would be if we each freely shared our gifts with others and in our communities? I believe, we are getting ready for a giant leap forward in human consciousness. The pandemic has been our wake up call to get in touch with what really matters. Kind of like when you have a fire in your house and must decide quickly, what is really worth saving? You know it is not the jewelry or the TV, it is the loved ones, family, pets and maybe the photographs. That is the kind of choices love makes and we are all being asked to make.

Let go of what no longer serves and hold fast to that which brings love into your life, to yourself and others. When you know you are standing in your power and doing exactly what you have come here to do… isn’t that what was at the heart of all the teachings from the wise ones who came before us? Do what fills your heart and makes the very best use of the gifts you have been given and do so in the service of others. In doing so, it fills your heart with love, simply by doing what you love, and what you know, you and you alone, were brought here to do.

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