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Good news helps to raise the frequency of the writer, the reader and the world as a whole. Sometimes it's just nice to get a little hug or to know that someone cares enough to recognize the good in the world. Here is our hug to you. Sit down, relax and choose one of the links below to find an inspiritg and uplifting story. We believe that there is enough negative talk in the world and we want to support those who are able to focus on the positive. We have provided some of our favorite Positive News links below for your viewing pleasure.

Good News Sites:

News For The Soul
A Vancouver-based online newspaper committed to publishing positive, "solutions-oriented" news.

Positive News
Publishes a quarterly international newspaper reporting on the people, events, and influences that are creating a positive future.

Heroic Stories
Featuring true stories of real people who step up to help others.

Good News Network
Clearinghouse for the gathering and dissemination of positive news stories presenting the glorifying, not the horrifying.
Offering only positive, upbeat news.

Positive, optimistic, inspiring stories of real life heroes, miracles, and everyday wonderful people.

Great News Network
Exists to spread inspiration and motivation for a better world.

World Peace Emerging Inc.
Features world wide news about real people making positive change toward a shared vision of common good.

Positive News Network

Bits & Pieces Magazine

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