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Ric Weinnman
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Ric Weinman

Ric is the founder of VortexHealing®, a healing art using divine magic from the Merlin lineage. Ric has been a full time healer for 15 years, practicing various healing modalities, when he had a wild experience that changed his life. He suddenly found himself standing in a huge Vortex, with his feet still on the ground but the rest of him elsewhere in this Vortex, and a voice started to speak to him from out of the Vortex. It reminded him to begin working with this again. That voice was the voice of the original Merlin, the avatar, who was the source of the Merlin lineage on earth. Ric followed the advice and soon found that his healing work had jumped to a level that he previously couldn't imagine. Although he started the work mainly as a healing modality, it soon became clear that the inner intention of the lineage was to awaken its students, and an energetic/consciousness pathway was developed that could evolve students' energy systems and consciousness, and virtually guarantee spiritual awakening at a certain point of their development - an amazing claim! For Ric, the development created by learning VortexHealing and working with it 'ripens' students to where awakening becomes easy. VortexHealing training's are now taught worldwide by Ric and 5 other teachers he has trained. In addition to the individual healing and awakening work, the incredible power soared within this divine, magical lineage is being used for global healing work and to facilitate the awakening of the planet as a whole.

Many years ago, Ric wrote Your Hands Can Heal, published in 7 languages (not about VortexHealing), and Breaking the Illusion. Both are out of print in English.

VortexHealing is an energetic healing art from the Merlin lineage that works solely with divine light and consciousness. It derives its name from a particular energy-vortex that is the interface between our physical world and a special divine healing realm that is accessed in this art. This healing realm is one of the factors that makes VortexHealing unique, for the practitioner can channel not just a very powerful healing energy—the divine energy and light of the Vortex—but also the consciousness of this special realm, which is composed of 7 divine beings whose sole intention is to manifest healing. This enables VortexHealing to work very deeply on the physical and emotional level as well as to release the karmic level of issues—they are transformed directly by the divine consciousness of this healing realm. The focus of VortexHealing is not about relaxing the physical or energy bodies, or simply making people feel good. It is about deep transformation.

Contact Information:
The VortexHealing® Institute,
PO Box 2087
South Hamilton, MA, 01982, USA
web: |

Jeff Ferrannini 617-327-6865 email: